Notes From Bro. Don

♫ God is so good ♫ God is so good ♫

♫ He’s so good to me ♫

What a WONDERFUL God we serve! 

He is so faithful and true to us even when we might lack in our faithfulness to Him.  Aren’t you thankful that He doesn’t give us what we deserve or earn?  I’m afraid I wouldn’t get very much on “merit” and I SURELY don’t deserve Jesus’ love or His death for me!  NOTHING could ever merit such  love, yet, He did it out of His desire for us all to ultimately be with Him. 

I get so overwhelmed sometimes, and, each day, as I try to practice His presence, I can see His hand more clearly on my life and the lives of others around me as He weaves our lives like a tapestry.  I am totally aware of HOW BIG GOD IS and how much I NEED Him!  I pray that the evidence of His presence and love can be seen in the reflection of my daily life and I am so THANKFUL for my Orchard Baptist Family and the opportunity you give me to serve Him and grow in His mercy & grace!

Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s!

Bro. Don

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