Apr 7, 2021
Book Of Revelation Study 26
  • Apr 7, 2021Book Of Revelation Study 26
    Apr 7, 2021
    Book Of Revelation Study 26
  • Apr 4, 2021Power
    Apr 4, 2021
    Series: 2021

    He is not here, He is Risen!

    We have been focusing on the Resurrection for a while now

    Why focus on the Resurrection?

    The Resurrection is the reason we have hope! Because, without it, Jesus is still dead

    The Power of the resurrection is the greatest power

    As people, we know that, sometimes, we are powerless


    The power over the grave is also for those who believe and accept Jesus

    If we are believers in Christ, we become children of God and we, too, have the power!

    Everyone can know God through His power

    His power is clearly seen in all creation. Do you see it?
    The very power of God is the cross, and it is the power to save all who will come.

    This world has no power like the power of God

    God so loved the world that He gave Jesus to save us!!

    Jesus died on that cross to pay the debt for our sins

    Through the power of God, Jesus walked out of that grave 3 days later

    He now sits at the right hand of the Father interceding on our behalf

    He stands with arms open wide offering you the same power to overcome the grave

    Are you ready to stop being powerless and receive His power?

    You can receive the power of the Holy Spirit today!
    Today is the day to receive the power of God
    Let’s all LIVE OUT the Power of almighty GOD!

    Do YOU have the power? You can receive it today!

  • Mar 31, 2021Book Of Revelation Study 25
    Mar 31, 2021
    Book Of Revelation Study 25
  • Mar 28, 2021What Waits Ahead
    Mar 28, 2021
    What Waits Ahead
    Series: 2021
    Welcome to Palm Sunday!
    This year we are looking at this story through Resurrection Eyes
    Jesus had set His mind on going to Jerusalem
    This was important for Him to go to Jerusalem to the Temple
    Why did He need the donkey to complete the journey
    Was He just tired

    Everything Jesus did on that day was purposeful

    Look closely at who was shouting and praising Him
    It was the crowds of followers and those who had gone to hear His teaching
    While his followers and the crowds with Him shouted praises
    All the city said “who is this?
    See, while the crowds were following Jesus He was focused
    He was focused on what waited ahead of Him
    Jesus was laser focused on the cross and the Salvation that He was about to bring
    He would do it for all those praising Him
    He would do it for all those who said Who is this?
    He would even do it for all those who would later shout “Crucify Him!”
    His focus wasn’t that one moment in time as Jesus arrived in Jerusalem
    That wasn’t His focus
    The things that waited ahead, the cross, the grave, and the resurrection
    This is what Jesus was focused on during this amazing time
    You see, if any of those items were not completed we would be lost forever
    Jesus wasn’t soaking in the moment of praise by a crowd
    He was thinking about how He loved you and why He had to do what He had to do
    Today the question is have you thought about Him?
    Have you given your life to Him?
  • Mar 24, 2021Book Of Revelation Study 24
    Mar 24, 2021
    Book Of Revelation Study 24
  • Mar 21, 2021Denied
    Mar 21, 2021
    Series: 2021

    People are funny

    Sometimes, if we are associated with something, we may deny it

    New Orleans Saints fans, at one point, wore bags over their heads during games

    People sometimes try to change their appearance to keep from being recognized

    Sometimes, people just flat deny something, even when they are found out

    Peter was very loudly telling Jesus He would fight for Him in Mark chapter 8

    Peter even followed right into the courtyard of the high priest

    Peter was a faithful follower and He was going to stay that way

    Many believers today are loudly singing His praises on Sunday

    But on Monday, they don’t even recognize that they are a beliver

    Some just don’t talk about it, but others flat out deny being a believer

    I want to be clear, I’m not talking about pretend believers

    People that try to talk the talk, but they have never given their life to Jesus

    I’m talking about bonafide believers that have a real relationship with Christ

    Just like Peter, those believers, when pressed, often deny

    How is it that we can sing “Just as I am” on Sunday and then be someone else?

    The pressure of the world is great!

    People do not like confrontation, and Jesus is confrontational

    We often keep our mouths shut to simply avoid the confrontation

    Sometimes, people go even further and deny a fact to avoid it

    What about Peter? He denied Jesus

    In John 21, Jesus appears to Peter, and three times Peter professes his love for Christ

    In Mark 14, Peter wept after denying Christ, and in John 21, he professed his love

    We know, that from that day on, Peter preached Christ until his death

    My question for you today is simple:
    Have you denied Christ?

    When we look at the Resurrection, we know Jesus claims believers before the Father

    He also said He would deny those who deny Him

    Don’t avoid confrontation by denying Christ

    Instead, confess Him before men, that they too might give their life to Christ

    Don’t be denied, instead be welcomed, good and faithful servant

    Do you really know Christ today or are you a pretender?

  • Mar 14, 2021A Sign Of Hope
    Mar 14, 2021
    A Sign Of Hope
    Series: 2021
    Any time we are told something that is hard to believe, we want to know how We want something that proves it is true; perhaps some kind of sign Jesus, in the days leading up to his death, was teaching the people
    The scribes and Pharisees, in trying to discredit Jesus, asked for a sign
    Notice here that Jesus called them an evil and adulterous generation Jesus knew their real motive for asking for a sign was simply a ploy to trap Him He called them an adulterous generation The only sign He said would be given Three days and three nights There are all kinds of arguments and interpretations of 3 days and 3 nights We don’t have the time to unpack all these differing views The point is, the sign Jesus was really talking about Was not about the actual times as much as the death and resurrection The real sign is that Jesus was going to be resurrected and overcome the grave You see, today, people everywhere are just looking for some kind of hope Something that will get them through this time of despair and emptiness They want some sign that shows everything is going to be alright The sign they need is a sign of hope Jesus, through His death, burial, and resurrection, is that sign of HOPE! He has come that we may have life, and have it abundantly The sign you need to see today is that, because of the resurrection, You too can have eternal life through Christ Jesus! The sign of Hope is that Jesus paid the price for your sins and made a way to the Father
    That is the Hope that we have, that Jesus made the way for us
    Today, the sign that the world needs has been given in the Resurrection of Christ Today, do you trust in Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection? Have you seen the sign of Hope?
  • Mar 10, 2021Book Of Revelation Study 23
    Mar 10, 2021
    Book Of Revelation Study 23
  • Mar 7, 2021God’s Purposes
    Mar 7, 2021
    God’s Purposes
    Series: 2021
    Why do seemingly good people go through bad things? Have you ever found yourself asking that question? We want to keep people from going through hard times The apostles were no different from us
    Jesus was telling His apostles about the hard times he was about to go through
    Now He tried to prepare them by helping them see who He was Regardless, they did not want Him to go through this hard time For some reason, we believe that our lives should be smooth sailing John 16:33 says “you will have trouble in this world” Every thing we call trouble in this world is preparing us for the next day Trouble also prepares us to help others going through the same thing You see, God has His purposes for all that we encounter in this world We must change how we approach life with our own ideas in mind God created us for His purpose and He knows exactly what that purpose is People often wonder, "Why am I here?" Then shrug that thought off and try to make life for them anyway In the passage we read today, the apostles try to stop Jesus from doing God’s will It was because they didn’t know God’s will Jesus told Peter, you are not setting your mind on God’s interest but man’s Notice, that was right after He said get behind me satan Satan wants to convince you that everything is about you Jesus, in what He said, reminded Peter and the other apostles it is not about them It is God’s purpose that we need to live for every day We have to get close to God to know what His purpose is for us. God’s purposes may cause us to go through trouble In fact, we have been told that sometimes it will cause us trouble Think about what God’s purpose cost Jesus He went through torture and pain and death on a cross for God’s purpose What if Peter convinced Him not to go through with that? The second half of John 16:33 says “take heart I have overcome the world” God’s purposes may be painful sometimes, but Jesus has overcome the world This means that, as His followers, we have overcome with Him Do you have Resurrection eyes or are you staring at the world? When we trust God’s purposes, we see the salvation in the cross and the resurrection Do you trust Jesus today?
  • Mar 3, 2021Book Of Revelation Study 22
    Mar 3, 2021
    Book Of Revelation Study 22
  • Feb 28, 2021In His Steps
    Feb 28, 2021
    In His Steps
    Series: 2021

    Ever wonder how do I live life as a Christian

    I know that my life is supposed to be different but how?

    If you ask 50 people what a Christian life looks like you would get 50 different answers

    One reason people struggle so much is we listen to the world instead of Jesus

    Leaving you an example to follow in His steps

    So how do we live our life as Believers?

    We follow His example!

    This is good news but also very hard
    So part of the example is do not sin

    That means I have to be perfect and I am not able to do that!

    How is it possible to follow in His steps when His steps were perfect?

    There is probably no one who has ever 100% lived up to their parents expectations

    But Godly parents will say they are very proud of their children

    Shoot for the stars and maybe you can at least hit the moon right.

    Strive to try to follow in His steps every day and even if you fall short try again

    He kept entrusting Himself to Him who judges rightly

    In other words while we are striving to live rightly trust God to help us

    Yes, Jesus was perfect and lived a perfect life and yes we are to follow His example

    Vs 21
    Since Christ also suffered for YOU

    We are weak
    but He is strong!

    Jesus loves you and suffered for you and left an example for you

    He also made a way for you!

    Romans 6:23
    We are to work hard to follow in His steps even knowing we will fall short

    Work hard every day and know that He has covered our shortcomings

    He paid the price for our sins already so keep striving

    The first step in living like a Believer is to actually become one

    Are you a Believer today?

  • Feb 24, 2021Book Of Revelation Study 21
    Feb 24, 2021
    Book Of Revelation Study 21