May 18, 2022
Bible Study – 1 John 1:1-3
  • May 18, 2022Bible Study – 1 John 1:1-3
    May 18, 2022
    Bible Study – 1 John 1:1-3
  • May 15, 2022Sweet Aroma
    May 15, 2022
    Sweet Aroma
    Series: 2022

    “Thanks be to God who always leads us”

    Paul’s original plan had been derailed slightly, and he wanted to let the Corinthians know he was following God

    This is how we all need to be, followers of God no matter if it isn’t according to our plans

    Smells tend to stick in our memory. Both pleasant and unpleasant smells.

    In this passage it is talking about a triumph parade during which the generals burned incense as they passed by

    The picture here is of God in His triumph as a sweet aroma that we should always remember

    We too should have a sweet aroma to God as we serve Him daily

    The aroma of the triumph smelled great to the victors but very bad to those defeated

    In this passage the drastic difference is the gospel is sweet to those who have received and foul to those who have rejected

    Never the less, we are to strive to send that sweet aroma to God’s nostrils as we serve Him

    Who is sufficient?

    Is anyone sufficient?

    Truly not one is really worthy but through Christ we can consult God

    When we truly spend time with the Father our message to others is not corrupted by self

    We give to them what God gives to us and it is a great thing

    “we are not peddling the Word of God”

    The meaning here is that we aren’t watering down or changing the Word of God but delivering it as we receive it

    Have you ever watched an interpreter?

    Sometimes I wonder are they really saying exactly what the person told them to say or not?

    There are people in this world today that try to spin God’s word to fit their desire

    When this happens the aroma is actually a stench

    “we speak in the sight of God in Christ”

    It is because of Christ and His propitiation of our sins, that we can hear from God in the first place

    Through Christ we speak the Word of God and the first audience of that is God

    When we hear from God and then share the gospel with others, God is the first audience member

    He is listening so you better not spin it but pass it on, just like you received it.

    When we do, God is pleased and we are like that sweet aroma that God loves so much.

    If you choose not to share the word that God has given you, the aroma is not sweet but foul

    Today will you march in triumph and produce a sweet aroma as you speak the gospel message?

    Or will you remain stagnant and give off a foul stench that would not be pleasing to anyone especially God?

  • May 11, 2022Bible Study – Nehemiah Chapter 13
    May 11, 2022
    Bible Study – Nehemiah Chapter 13
  • May 8, 2022A Mother’s Laugh
    May 8, 2022
    A Mother’s Laugh
    Series: 2022

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    Today I would like to look at one biblical mother named Sarah

    So we see that Sarah could not believe what she heard

    Some people want to say that Sarah didn’t have much faith

    Sarai, as she was originally called, is found following her husband in faith

    She didn’t know where they were going or what they were supposed to do

    But she did not protest; she followed where God told them to go

    We can learn a lot from this mother

    God could choose to show us everything planned for us up front

    But, He doesn’t

    So many of us are hesitant to step out on faith for any reason

    What we can learn from Sarai/Sarah, it is most important to just go

    I sometimes wonder how many people remain lost today due to our reluctance

    In our text today, we are critical of Sarah because she laughed at a miracle

    Most of you ladies in here could relate that, at an old age, childbirth would be impossible

    All things are possible with God

    Vs 1 says “the Lord did for Sarah as he had promised”

    You see when we take that step of Faith God honors that

    Sarah, at 99 years of age, gave birth to a son

    I know what you are thinking

    "I’m so glad that wasn’t me"

    But for Sarah, God was faithful and He always is

    Again, what we see is, even though Sarah doubted...

    God blessed her

    What we need to take away from this is, God is able

    Knowing God is able, we need to trust Him and be faithful

    One of our biggest problems today is we don’t fully trust God

    We don’t want to step out on faith, but you never know when God will use YOU.

    Sarah, after seeing the miracle that God did, said “God has made laughter for me”

    “Everyone who hears will laugh with me”

    When we are faithful, all those who are around us are lifted up too

    Do you truly trust God?

    Are you ready to do that right now?

  • May 4, 2022Bible Study – Nehemiah Chapter 12
    May 4, 2022
    Bible Study – Nehemiah Chapter 12
  • May 1, 2022Rejoice!
    May 1, 2022
    Series: 2022

    Have you ever been so excited that you just felt like shouting?

    Surely most of you in here have let out a big "woohoo!" a time or two in your life

    Sometimes, something happens that is so good we just want to break out in song!

    This is one of those things
    Zephaniah 3:14-17 NASB

    Sing! This passage shows great joy. So much so we should burst forth in song!

    I get so tired of us Christians who jump and shout and scream during a meaningless football game

    And we won’t even shout out a good "AMEN!" in a church service. The Holy God should excite you!

    The LORD is in your midst!

    That ought to make you shout with praise, or maybe fear, if you’ve been living wrongly.

    Don’t stop there however, the LORD is in our midst, with power to save!

    We have committed sin which dooms us to eternal Hell, BUT GOD, shows up with the power to save!

    God takes Joy in you!

    You know I am messed up there is no way God could be joyful in me.

    You can rest in His love!

    This is the craziest thought ever….. God sings over you

    Our messed up view of this stoic, rock faced God, sitting on His throne, makes it hard to think that God would sing

    “He will rejoice over you with shouts of Joy”

    You make God so joyful he breaks out in song!!

    We often think we have failed so badly that God is annoyed with us but here we see God sings over us.

    Fear NOT!
    God loves YOU

    Because of God’s great love “do not let your hands fall limp”

    Don’t grow weary in your service to God


    Sing praises, tell others, serve Him in every way because He saved you.

    But all the downfalls I’ve had and the evil people that are never punished.

    God will defeat the enemy!

    He will gather His people to Himself

    Rejoice! Show the world that you know the LORD is in our midst and He is mighty to save!

    God has NEVER abandoned His people and He never will!

    Perhaps you can’t seem to Rejoice today

    I ask you this question…Do you know Jesus?

    Have you truly given your life to Him?

    Rejoice, Rejoice oh people of God!!

  • Apr 27, 2022Bible Study – Nehemiah Chapter 11
    Apr 27, 2022
    Bible Study – Nehemiah Chapter 11
  • Apr 24, 2022Staring At The Cross
    Apr 24, 2022
    Staring At The Cross
    Series: 2022

    As a Christian, the celebration of Easter is a huge deal!

    The build up, the long day of celebration, the tremendous joy that we feel knowing Jesus is alive.

    Today, I want to talk about what sometimes happens after that day.

    First, look with me to
    Acts 1:1-3 NASB

    The first thing I want us to see here is; Jesus gave orders to His apostles

    There was a purpose of showing Himself, alive, to the disciples. He wanted them to believe, so they would actually carry out His orders

    They had heard that he was going to rise from the grave, but doubt is powerful

    Now, they have the motivation to carry out the orders that Jesus left them, knowing there is no doubt

    Jesus gives them another command, to wait for the Holy Spirit

    Sometimes, after a great event like Easter, we are energized and want to just strike out doing things for Jesus

    But, we need to receive, through the Holy Spirit, what or how we are to do these things.

    In other words, take time to pray for guidance before striking out.

    When you receive the Holy Spirit, you will be My witnesses even unto all the earth

    Basically what Jesus said in this passage is, you don’t have to know everything, you just have to believe and be obedient.

    We may not know the days or times, but we know that Jesus will come again.

    When we listen to the Holy Spirit, and the Spirit says to go here, tell this person, wait on this to happen, we need to answer

    Jesus had equipped the disciples and given them orders to carry out because He knew He was about to leave.

    While they were standing there with Him, He ascended into heaven.

    They had to be amazed, excited and also fearful all at the same time.

    Jesus, whom they had been walking with for all this time, has now gone to be with the Father

    He didn’t leave them alone and He didn’t leave them without direction.

    However, this event was so powerful, all they could do was stand and stare

    We, as modern day believers, sometimes find ourselves after Easter standing and staring at the cross because it has been so powerful.

    We want to just stay in the moment of the love that Jesus showed on that cross.

    But look at verse 11 again

    Why do you stand and stare? Don’t you remember what He said? He will come again.

    When He comes again, don’t you want Him to find you carrying out the orders He left?

    Remember, that those same orders Jesus gave to the apostles, He gives to all believers

    GO! And TELL!

    The cross is so amazing, because without the love that Jesus showed on that cross, we would have no hope.

    However, He didn’t go to the cross for us to stare at it, but so that we could take that hope and share it with all who will listen.

    We have been given an order and it is one that has never been rescinded.

    Are you carrying out the final orders of Jesus today? Are you ready to begin doing just that?

  • Apr 17, 2022Extraordinary Love Unveiled
    Apr 17, 2022
    Extraordinary Love Unveiled
    Series: 2022

    Today we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ!

    Many people today do not believe that Jesus existed or, if He did, surely He was not resurrected

    We have been talking about Extraordinary love

    I want you to see that Extraordinary love unveiled today

    Jesus, the Son of God, lived, was crucified, and was resurrected

    Now, I want you to understand why

    God loves you more than you can even comprehend

    The scripture today may seem unusual for resurrection Sunday, but hang in there

    Jesus wanted us to know that He was going to prepare a place for us in eternity

    This brings a peace, if you let it, about the end of this life.

    Once you accept Jesus, you can have peace knowing that He has a special place for you.

    Vs 3 says He is coming again! That is the ultimate peace!

    You said (if we accept Him) what do we know about that?

    Jesus said you know the way!

    That is great, but I don’t know what He means by that, because I don’t know the way.

    Thomas asked this question for you, and Jesus replied:

    "I am the Way!"

    You don’t have to be perplexed. Jesus said, I am the way, trust ME!

    Knowing Jesus is knowing God!

    Jesus told the disciples this before He died.

    What if those are empty words?

    The disciples, just like people today, heard Jesus, but then he died; so they were very confused

    They, just like us, needed to be certain.

    This passage shows us that they were first very afraid until Jesus appeared in the room

    For the disciples and for us, this is a confirmation of the Resurrection

    But Thomas was not convinced and said "I have to see it myself"

    A week later, Jesus appeared once again in the upper room and showed Thomas His wounds

    We never see where Thomas actually put his fingers in the nail prints, but having seen, he believed.

    Jesus said Thomas believed because he saw but blessed are those who believe without seeing

    Today we don’t physically see Jesus with our own eyes, but we can see Him in our heart

    Once Thomas eyes were unveiled, he replied with “my Lord and my God”

    He doubted, but once it was revealed, he was the first to call Jesus God.

    Are you ready to accept the Way, the Truth, and the Life through Jesus today!

  • Apr 13, 2022Bible Study – Nehemiah Chapter 10
    Apr 13, 2022
    Bible Study – Nehemiah Chapter 10
  • Apr 10, 2022Extraordinary Love – Beautiful Light
    Apr 10, 2022
    Extraordinary Love – Beautiful Light
    Series: 2022

    Have you ever groped around in a dark room trying to find a light?

    There are so many things that can cause problems when you can’t see. How beautiful that light switch is when you find it.
    Jesus is the light and He is the only light in a dark world.

    We stumble around with all sorts of dangers in this dark world but Jesus wants to be the light that saves us!

    Some believe that Jesus just wants to judge them for their failures and make them feel bad

    But Jesus wants to be the light so you don’t have to walk in the darkness.

    Jesus clearly says I did not come to judge the world but to save the world!

    We get ourselves into all sorts of trouble but Jesus doesn’t say, you did this so you deserve it

    Jesus says, I’m here to save you from all the darkness no matter how you got there.

    Jesus does love everyone and that is important to know

    But just as important to know, is the fact that there is a judge that will judge you for all eternity

    Jesus says if you reject me then you will be judged and that judge is the Word

    He says it is not His word but God’s word and if you reject Jesus you are rejecting God

    God the Father sent God the Son who is Jesus into this dark world to be the light

    God gave Jesus exactly what to say and to do that we might see the light

    As we consider this extraordinary love that God has given the world think about this

    We could have been left alone in the darkness trying uselessly to find our way

    But God sent the beautiful light into the world and He is able to light the whole world

    But you do not have to follow the light. You can turn away from the light and continue however you choose

    Jesus spoke the commandment of God which is eternal life

    He didn’t come to judge but there is a judge

    The judgement comes from your decision to accept Jesus and all He said or to reject

    What I want you to see here today is that in essence, you are your own judge. You make the judgement to accept or reject

    Jesus came, He lived, He died, and rose again, all for you

    Will you accept the beautiful light or turn back into the darkness?

  • Apr 6, 2022Bible Study – Nehemiah Chapter 9
    Apr 6, 2022
    Bible Study – Nehemiah Chapter 9