God Knows You

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Psychologists say that, as a people, we typically only allow a few people to truly know us

That means that, we show most people what we want them to see instead of our true self

This includes close friends and family as well

As a result of that behavior, we sometimes believe that we can do the same thing with God

If we only behave a certain way around our church or our friends, surely God will believe this is how we are truly.

In fact, sometimes we try so hard to convince others that we believe the lies we tell ourselves

However, there is only one truth of who we are, and I promise you, God Knows you

“You have searched me and known me”

In other words, God has looked in all our hidden places, and He knows us intimately

He knows us fully and completely, better than we even know ourselves

Look at vs 5-6
This means that God has us grasped in His hand. He didn’t make us and leave us.

He is protecting us from every side and He wants us to grasp that fact

The next several verses say; where can I go from your Spirit? The answer is nowhere

In other words, God is always with us. No matter what we get into, He is there

Sometimes, people believe that they have just strayed too far and God can’t reach them

There is no place too dark for God to reach you. God knows you completely and He loves you.


Why does God love me and why does He care?

God hand-made you personally

We aren’t a mold that a factory uses to mass produce things

God spent time individually making every person in this world. He made us with His love.

“And my soul knows it very well”

The reality is, that deep down we know that God made us and He loves us

However, we allow ourselves to believe the lies of the world

Satan and the world say that you are better than God and you don’t need God

Those are all lies and truly our soul knows it, if we listen

God made you to have a relationship with Him

For everyone of us, this should be our prayer daily

As humans, we lie, and we lie even to ourselves, but God Knows you

He is always with you no matter where you go

Won’t you give yourself to Him today?