Jesus Calms The Storms

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We live in a stormy time

I’ve heard it said that each of us is; either in a storm, coming out of a storm, or about to go into a storm every day.

With storms being on all our minds this week, I want us to remember something: Jesus Calms The Storms!
Our text today is
Let’s look at 35-39

Jesus rebukes the storm

Let US cross over

Took Him how He was

A storm arose

He was asleep

He was awakened

He rebuked the storm

Jesus rebuked His disciples

How is it that you have no faith

The disciples were fearful

Who can this be?

Jesus was fully man and fully God and the disciples just saw both

Are you locked in the storms of life?

Do you need a savior?

Trust Jesus! He is the only One that can calm the storms!