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The word rest brings many different thoughts to people

Some immediately think of sleep

Some a vacation

Some even think of Retirement

I want to look at why rest is important for the Human body

1 in 3 adults are not getting enough sleep according to a new study by CDC

The American Psychological Association says that one large factor of sleep deprivation is STRESS

WebMD lists stress as a factor in Heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and even alzheimers disease

No wonder rest is something people say they want

Look with me today to Matthew 11:27-30 to see what the scripture says about rest
First of all Jesus says “ALL things have been handed over to me by my Father”

In vs 28 Jesus says “Come to Me”

“Come to Me” doesn’t mean swing by for a minute. It means to live in Him.

When we live in Christ daily we give Him everything.

“All who are weary and heavy laden” are you tired, worn out, at the end of your rope?

“come to Me” Jesus says and “I will give you rest”

This isn’t a temporary rest. It’s not a day that you can sleep late or a vacation or even a day to just relax.

This is permanent rest. He will give you rest by you living in Him daily.

Vs 29 says “take my yoke upon you and learn from me”

Jesus is telling you if you come to Him to live in Him daily He will give you rest by teaching you to give all your troubles to Him

In order to take His yoke…..we have to let Him remove ours.

“you will find rest for your souls”

The burdens, the weariness, all this can be overcome if we allow Christ to remove our yoke and place His on us

Again however, I want to remind you this isn’t a picture of a brief rest and then back to the grind

This passage is showing us that Jesus wants us to live in Him and let Him be our Lord every day and night

When we say Jesus come be my Lord, we have to let Him, every day

“My yoke is easy and My burden is light”

Doesn’t that sound much better than to be overloaded and burdened down?

If you have never come to Jesus, He is calling you today, to give Him your life

If you have asked Him to be your Lord already then strive to live in Him everyday, it is what He wants from us.

Are you ready to Rest today?