The Response For Hard Times

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Has anyone out there been going through hard times lately?

Dumb question it’s 2020 after all

As this terrible horrible no good very bad year comes to a close

It seems to be going out as hard as it has been the whole year

So how do we respond to something like this

The real answer is

We Worship!!

Yes Really!!

1 Chronicles 16:8-11

The Proper response when we are going through hard times is to Worship our Lord

Exodus 20:1-2

If we allow the hard times to take number 1 in our life we make it a god

Think about this when you are pouring your heart out is worship

It is impossible to dwell on the hard times

In 1 Chronicles why were they so over-joyed?

The ark of God was coming there meaning God was with them

Today God resides with every believer through the Holy Spirit

This fact alone should fill us with true joy

Hard times are very hard

Look at how David and the city responded to God being with them

They were responding with every ounce of joy they had, that’s true Worship!

They had been going through a war with the Philistines so hard times a plenty

Satan tries to force us to dwell on the hard times and keep us from God

Worship doesn’t just take you mind off things for a little while

People use all types of substances to take their mind off their troubles

When that high or drunk or whatever is over the trouble is usually compounded

When you worship you find the strength to do all things through Christ

Worship is what we were designed for.

Now the question is can you worship?

Not if you do not know Jesus

Today give you heart to Jesus and know what true worship is!!