When It All Goes Wrong

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Have you ever had those days, weeks, months even years when everything went wrong?

It seems that no matter how hard you try, none of your plans work like you planned!

Alexander called this a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day!

Our week seemed to fall perfectly into that category

It is easy to fall into a state of depression or “woe-is-me” attitude

These things are really happening and some of them can be really bad

So how do we, as believers, handle these kinds of days or more?

After about the 5th thing in a row had gone wrong for us this trip, I began to get down

Suddenly God placed in my heart a song and some of the lyrics are:

“Hey, Hey it’s a good day, even if things aren’t going my way, Jesus is alive and I am saved; so hey, hey it’s a good day!”

That song reminded me of scripture and I want to share that with you today

This whole chapter, Jesus is telling His disciples of His going away and coming again

He is telling them about the Holy Spirit who will come, and He is preparing them for hard times.

“In Me you will have peace but in this world you will have tribulation”, Jesus said.

We have such amazing blessings in this world that when trouble comes we are shocked

The reality is that Jesus plainly told us that we will have trouble in this world

In the midst of all the things that went wrong this week, God said, “count your blessings!”

I began to look at that, instead of the trouble and, you know what, we had a lot of blessings

We were blessed with safe travel, we saw loving family, and hey, during this oppressive heat wave, we had AC!

There were way more blessings than trouble, and I remembered the other part of this verse

Jesus said “take courage, I have overcome the world”

Now when we put this whole verse together;
We see that Jesus is telling us; it will get bad but my children I will take care of you

We can focus on the negatives, and we will fall into dark places

Or, we can take courage knowing that no matter how bad it gets, Jesus has overcome the world.

You know, after God reminded me of this, things still went wrong

Grasping this scripture didn’t make things suddenly all go right

What it did do, was help me stand back, take a clear look, trust God, and carry on

When you begin to look for the blessings in the trouble, it is amazing how God gives you peace.

The question however is this, do you know the God that has overcome the world?

Because, if you do not know Him, you will have no peace.