Who’s In The Mirror?

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Toddlers under 18 months don’t often recognize themselves in the mirror

We notice things in the mirror

This passage is describing the mirror which is the Word of God

If we are doers of the Word, when we examine ourselves, we see the Word

When the world looks at self-proclaimed believers today, how many reflect the Word?

Do you see the Word when you look in the mirror, or something else?

Ever looked in a funhouse mirror? It is still you, but looks wierd

Perhaps a version of the Word, yet distorted

Perhaps you see something broken that needs repair

When things are broken, they are not able to function properly

Some people hate to look in the mirror, but do nothing to change that

The only way to see Jesus, when you look in that mirror, is to be that doer of the Word

This is what our world needs today, believers who do what they read in God’s Word

Only you have the option to change what you see in the mirror

Do you want to see Jesus?